t The Comparison of military patients treatment results with spine tumors and trauma depending on the type of surgery - Spine Surgery Armenia
The Comparison of military patients treatment results with spine tumors and trauma depending on the type of surgery


A. Hakobyan, MD PhD

Yerevan 2014

Published online


The aim of the work was to compare the results of surgical treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries and spine tumors. We investigated the treatment results of 135 patients, 119 (88.1%) of whom were military personnel. Depending on the disease, the patients were divided into two groups: patients with fractures of the vertebral bodies and patients with vertebral body’s tumor. Depending on the method used to treat the patients were divided into two groups. The first included the results of treatment of those patients who underwent open surgery or they received medical treatment. The second group included patients who underwent minimally invasive spine surgery (vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty).

      We compared the results of treatment. Also, the duration of hospitalization, the frequency of changes in the degree of fitness for further military service was compared. The essence of these techniques is the injection of bone cement into the vertebral body.

Of open surgeries transpedicular fixation was used, medical treatment is meant symptomatic treatment. As a minimally invasive surgery, vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty was used.

      We found out that the applied method (vertebroplasty) allowed a few times to reduce the time of postoperative treatment and postoperative recovery time, as well as the frequency of changes in the degree of fitness for further military service compared to the results in patients who underwent transpedicular fixation or patients who underwent conservative therapy.



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