t spondylarthrosis, facet joints, cosman RF, denervation LOW BACK PAIN TREATMENT WITH COSMAN RF - Spine Surgery Armenia

As a rule the reason of low back pain is spondylarthrosis. Spondylarthrosis or facet joint syndrome is a disease caused by inflammation of facet joints, in the result of which  spine mobility is reduced and there is a feeling of tension and pain. The main symptom of lumbosacral spine lesion is acute pain in the morning after getting up, but it partially passes after 10-15 minutes walk. Patients note that the pain mainly sharpens in the sitting position or after lying in one position for a long time. In such cases, we offer a very effective method of treatment, which is done with Cosman RF technology. So, under X-ray control, special electrodes are applied to the affected facet joints. Manipulation is done in the operation room, under X-ray control and under local anesthesia. The correct position of the electrodes is determined by stimulation, then denervation is done (thermal action), in the result of it the feeling of pain passes. As a rule, denervation of four joints is done simultaneously. The final result is achieved during the coming months, then for final good result therapeutic physical training and some physiotherapeutic procedures are indicated.