t trigeminal nerve lesion (neuralgia), pain syndrome, trigeminal nerve block and rediofrequency, Gasser's ganglion, foramen ovale INTERVERTEBRAL DISC ABLATION WITH COSMAN RF - Spine Surgery Armenia

Animation figure of trigeminal nerve radiofrequency

One of the reasons for the persistent pain syndrome is the trigeminal nerve lesion (neuralgia). The disease is accompanied by a permanent pain syndrome in half of the face, which does not pass from drug therapy. In this case trigeminal nerve block and rediofrequency destruction is indicated. Due to the Cosman RF technology the reason of pain is blocked. The procedure is done under local anestesia. The needle is inserted into the foramen ovale at the base of the skull. Trigeminal nerve takes its "origin" from here (Gasser's ganglion). After insertion of the needle, denervation of the sensitive branch of the trigeminal nerve is performed.  After the procedure, the anesthetic effect persists for years.