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In case of cervical disc hernias both open and endoscopic surgeries can be performed. The choice of surgical method depends on the size and type of hernia.
Open surgeries are performed through anterior approach. During the operation the hernia is removed (intervertebral disc). 

After removing the hernia fixation is done for spine stabilization.  Spine fixation is a kind of "sealing" process - to strengthen two vertebra bodies. For this reason we use implants of different types. The implant may be made of metal, carbon or polyurethane. In case of small hernias we suggest endoscopic surgery, which can be of two types. Percutaneous anterior discectomy, during which a part of the intervertebral disc (not hernia) is removed through the tube, with the diameter of a pen.
This leads to internal disc pressure decreason, which subsequently contributes to the wrinkling of the hernia. 

Endoscopic removal of intervertebral disc hernia is considered to be a minimally invasive endoscopic operation. During the operation a part of the disc and hernia are removed. This operation is mainly indicated for lateral hernias.

All abovementiond surgeries are performed in our department, the choice of method depends on specific case and characteristics of the patient.