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In case of brain tumor surgery is indicated. Especially in those cases when there are clinical manifestations of the disease: speech disturbance, weakness in the limbs and headache, convulsions, visual disturbances. Brain tumors can be malignant or benign. Before the surgery, the histological structure of the tumor can’t be determined. In all cases the aim of the surgery is to save or prolong the patients’ life. What is the advantage of the surgeries performed at “Nairi” Medical Center? Nowadays the effectiveness of surgeries depends not only on the surgeon, but also on the availability of modern equipment and instruments. For example, in Armenia only medical center “Nairi” has StealthStation neuronavigation system, which allows to determine the shortest and safest way to access the tumor and to remove it as much as possible through a small incision without injuring healthy brain substance. In addition, our department is equipped with an ultrasonic destructor INTEGRA, which recognizes, destroys and removes the tumor. All surgeries are performed using a surgical microscope, which maximizes 6-10 times. Exclusive technical equipment and experienced specialists - this is what distinguishes the neurosurgical department of  medical center "Nairi", which offers guaranteed professional help to patients with brain tumors.