t lumbar disc endoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery possible for spinal canal stenosis, cervical disc hernia, bone cement, vertebroplasty, vertebral body FAQ - Spine Surgery Armenia
  • 1.How long does the lumbar disc endoscopic surgery last?+
  • The duration of the surgery is nearly 40-60 minutes.
  • 2.Is the lumbar disc hernia edoscopic surgery done under local or general anestesia? +
  • We prefer general anestesia, as in this case the patient is asleep and he/she doesn't strain and get stressed. However, if necessary, disc surgery can be performed under epidural anesthesia.
  • 3.How long shoud the patient wear belt after lumbar disc surgery? +
  • After lumbar disc prolaps endoscopic surgery the patient had better wear the belt for 2-3weeks.
  • 4.Which method is less traumatic and safe for intervertebral disc hernia surgery? +
  • Surely we will advise endoscopic method. It is much saver and less traumatic than any other methods. All the advanced neurosurgical departments world have already refused open operations and perform endoscopic surgeries for several years.
  • 5.Is it possible to remove a big size intervertebral disc hernia with the endoscopic method? +
  • Any size of lumbar disc sequester can be removed with endoscopic method, hernias on two or three levels can also be operated simultaneously.
  • 6.Is postoperative reherniation possible? +
  • Unfortunately, yes. Reherniation is possible in 5-7% cases in the world. It is necessary to understand that this acquired disease and in order to avoid from reherniation in postoperative period it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • 7.Is endoscopic surgery possible for spinal canal stenosis? +
  • Yes, it is possible with EasyGo system.
  • 8.Is it possible to remove hemangioma, with endoscopic method? +
  • Yes, it is. We use special endoscopic instruments, which let remove cervical hernia.
  • 9.What is bone cement for vertebroplasty? +
  • Bone cement is two-component mixture (metilmetacrilat). Which hardens approximately 10 minutes after the injection and becomes stronger than the bone. It serves the patient throughout his/her life.
  • 10.How to treat vertebral body hemangioma? +
  • The modern method of vertebral body hemangioma treatment is vertebroplasty.
  • 11.How to treat osteoporotic fractures of vertebral body? +
  • In case of osteoporotic fractures vertebroplasty is indicated. Vertebroplasty of three vertebral bodies is possible simultaneously.
  • 12.What should be done in case of metastatic lesion of the vertebral body? +
  • In case of metastatic lesions of vertebral body radiofrequency ablation is done. In case of medium size metastatic foci vertebroplasty is possible, and for very large dimensions accompanied by compression of the spinal cord, an open surgery with transpedicular fixation is necessary.
  • 13.In case of spine fractures patients can be treated within a day if we perform vertebroplasty. It is a modern method which is used recent years. With complicated fractures, we recommend transpedicular fixation, which allows to restore the musculoskeletal function of the spine even in the most difficult cases.